Nov 042016

Here I was, trying to come up with a post for today and, through serendipity, one was delivered unto me!

Oxford commas are worth it, as most of my friends but especially Anthony will attest. Because otherwise you find out Ursula was the love child of an apparently gay Gaston and Captain Hook!

Via TVLine, we have a headline only Americans could put together: “Descendants 2 First Look: Meet Ursula, Captain Hook and Gaston’s Offspring”

What they really mean is: “Meet Ursula, Captain Hook, and Gaston’s Offspring”

And what they really, really mean, unless they want to imply Ursula, Captain Hook, and Gaston had a child together all three of them, is “Meet Ursula’s, Captain Hook’s, and Gaston’s Offspring” (because the article is about three offspring of three different parents).

I’ve mentioned how I might be a bit obsessive about grammar, right?

In short, if you don’t use the Oxford comma, start. If you do, you are awesome. Unless you also use grocers’ apostrophes, but that’s a story for another time.

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  1. This is my favourite example of why the Oxford comma is necessary:

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