Nov 232016

So about two days ago, I got an email about a particular item that was now for sale. Not like “on sale” i.e. cheaper than it used to be, but “for sale” as in “previously this was not available for purchase.” And I was so excited, because it would serve as a great gift for at least 3 or 4 people I like to get Christmas gifts for… and then I read the whole email and realized that while you could buy the item now, it wouldn’t be shipping until February. February! Somehow that seems to suck some of the whole “Christmas spirit” out of the gift. I mean, it’s still a great gift and all, but by the time my friends receive it, it’s not going to be beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. February is too early an availability to make it a good Christmas gift for next year (it’s potentially somewhat of a time-limited thing) but more than a month after Christmas 2016 is a letdown.


Still, it’s hard to come up with gifts for most people once they’re adults so I’ll likely still go with this option. Finding a good sub-$50 or even sub-$100 gift for most people? So very difficult! That’s why I never mind it when people get me gift certificates or gift cards because honestly, in most cases, I can’t do better myself. I’m not craft-y,1 so I can’t make them something. And while you usually can figure out a certain thing or theme people like, buying that same thing—or gifts in that same vein—over and over again over (hopefully) years of friendship gets a little bit old in most cases.

The only time I kinda raise my eyebrows at gift cards is when someone who knows me gets me one from a store that I am super-unlikely to patronize. Like, for instance, if someone got me a gift card for SportChek instead of, oh I don’t know, Cineplex. Or they got me one from a restaurant known for its meat dishes. I don’t mind when people don’t know exactly what to get me but I would like to think they are trying to be in the right ballpark. That’s certainly what I aim for if I’m going the gift card route.

I used to think I was really good at getting good gifts for people but in the last decade or so, I feel like I’ve really lost whatever magic I used to have. That’s why I was so thrilled when I saw this item would be available… and then so miffed when I realized it wouldn’t get to anyone until February. February! Who wants to wait until then for their Christmas gifts? ?

  1. I’m possibly not crafty either ? []