Nov 292016

[Alternate title: “Penultimate” is such a cool word, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure I should use it, and ante-penultimate (which means “third to last”), in my blog post titles.]

You’ll forgive me if my post titles are getting a little meta—I blame Beth. Actually, Beth is to blame in many ways, because she seems to have mastered the knack of writing short-and-sweet postings and if I were a lesser friend, I would totally rib her for that making NaBloPoMo SUPER-easy for her… oh wait, I just did. ?

Me, though? I feel like if I am going to put something up here for “the public” (all 2 or 3 of you) to read, I should really put effort into making it somewhat substantial. And I don’t mean blog post substance is only possible with length… I just mean… I don’t know. All my shorter entries seem very perfunctory and flat to me. I think maybe I’ll blame sociology: I always want to connect whatever I’m writing about to larger themes or at least a few other topics. As I was writing yesterday’s post, there were several points where I wanted to elaborate or at least make fairly involved asides. And that post didn’t even end up being that short!

It’s probably because I’ve always tried to write like I talk, and I am not clipped when I talk to people, not people I like and whose opinions I value. As much as I might not be great at imaging the perfect supportive audience for my writing at all times, I must be getting part of that right, because the only time I’m regularly curt with people in person is when I can’t stand them and I want any conversations between us to end. In fact, you could probably pretty easily tell exactly how much regard I have for people just by observing how willing I am to speak with them at length.

For instance, I will always remember the aforementioned Beth and the first time she visited me when I was living in Toronto and I am pretty sure we talked non-stop for 12 hours straight. Without running out of things to say. Because we really do find each other that interesting. That kind of conversation is a true joy and there are very few people who I could imagine having that much to say to, and whose own stories would spark detailed commentary from me.

And what is a blog for, if not to share your thoughts and observations on the world, right? Because I sure as hell ain’t trying to “build my brand.” LOL

Nov 012016

NaBloPoMo November 2016
So completely inspiredin no way whatsoever inspired by Dr. Beth and her blog, I am going to try this NaBloPoMo thing for only the second time in 6 years (there were entries here from 2010 but they are all private now) (more on that later).

And it’s not like I’m late to the game… this entry was TOTALLY added on November 1, which is totally today! ? (and oh God, when I upgraded Beth’s blog to display emoticons, I didn’t update my own GOD EFFIN DAMN—well that can be another entry!) [UPDATE: damn I’m good!]

And my random theme, to up Beth’s ante, is to make the number of words in each title be the number of the day of the month the entry is posted (so a one-word title for Nov 1, a two-word title for Nov 2, etc. etc.).1 I will absolutely, completely, and 100% stick to this, even when titles will have to be 20+ words.  Totally.  No lying. I say that with the same integrity with which I state this entry was categorically made on November 1 with no back-dating whatsoever. I mean, how could you ever make a computer say one date/time when it was really another? That’s simply unpossible.

Also, I challenge Krista to participate, too, because this is exactly the same as the Ice Bucket Challenge and other similar online things.

Now if I could just remember how to back-date things in WordPress… *sigh*

  1. NaBloPoMo is so too one word, okay?! []