Nov 252016

Yes… I thought for the final eight entries (Wed to the end of the month) I would actually post “on the day” as opposed to back-dating but now I’ve screwed up “today” and “tomorrow.”


Basically my idea for today’s entry was to list some of the song lyrics that I’ve found particularly amazing/emotive—so I started going through songs that are on my current “songs I like playlist” but then I thought I shouldn’t just include recent songs, so I started listening to artists from the 90s who I used to listen to quite a bit but don’t really that much anymore. That was a bit of a YouTube “rabbit hole” and hey, it turns out a lot of the music I listened to in my 20s was pretty melancholy. Before I knew it, it was past midnight and technically November 26. So that was a bit of a failure. A minor failure, sure, but it disappointed me.


If I knew I was going to react that way, I would have just kept things more recent.

Have I whined yet about how blogging every day is hard? Oh wait… I don’t think I have! I can get at least one freebie on that front, right?